My dolls home

This is one of the houses of my dolls. It is built inside a Cabinet – white shelf, consists of three floors, two rooms per floor. The first room and living room, as well as the second, third, fourth is a kitchen, another lounge, the fifth and sixth kitchen a living room – dining room (he really likes to be comfortable and eating).


 ***** FIRST ROOM *****


To this living romm I created the clock, posters and photos in picture frames, candle holders (with real candles), the shelf with compartments and bottles that are on the dresser. The rest of the furniture and accessories are part of my collection, some of them since I was a child, others found them in flea markets. The floor is covered with adhesive paper.


 ***** SECOND ROOM *****

For the second room that is a living room, I created the shelves, the chandelier, the coathanger, paintings and the mirror – peluches. The sofa and armchair are two jewellery boxes, the pouf is Mattel fashion fever line. Here too the rest of the furniture and accessories are part of my collection of objects collected over the years. The floor is covered with black gift card.


***** THIRD ROOM **** 

The third room is a kitchen with a small bathroom. The larger part a piece of totally real house of Mattel (the rest of the pieces I used them to create other dioramas). For this I created the table and tablecloth, I painted the chairs of the same color, slip covers, the paintings, the coat, the candlestick (with real candles) and the shelves. Finally I added the various accessories in my collection. For the floor I drew the lines to form squares with white pencil on a blue card. 


  This is table after its restoration.


****** FOURTH ROOM ******

The fourth room is a living room. For this environment I created paintings, coloured shelves, hangers, and plants. I placed the furniture and fittings in my collection and I covered the floor with adhesive paper.


****** FIFTH ROOM *****

 The fifth room is a kitchen with a small lounge. Has as its centrepiece the Barbie Boombox with its table and chairs. For this environment I created the chandelier, the carpet, the paintings, I lined the sofa and sewing of pillows, I built the hangers and shelves, plant and food to eat. I added a wooden cabinet, various accessories and lined the floor with wrapping paper.


***** SIXTH ROOM *****

The sixth and final room is a living room – dining room. Here the couch, carpet and some accessories are borrowed from the first room as they wait to find new ones to insert. For this environment I created the table, the table cloths and pillows for chairs, coat racks, shelf and planting, I added some accessories and cupboards always have in my collection. Lastly I coated the floor with the gift card.