The bedroom

Poppy Parker in her new bedroom


 News in the park...ilMcDonald

New in the park...il McDonald

Christmas 2014


The photography studio

Studio fotografico

Rossana's atelier

This environment was created to accommodate 

my first Poppy Parker, I was so excited I bought 

that I decided to create a room all to himself. was

 performed in an old kitchen furniture. I have not

 edited wall colors because they were warm and 

welcoming as I wanted them. 

First I built the bed with an old frame, pieces of 

wood, cloth and foam rubber.

I printed on cardboard pictures and paintings, I 

built the bedside table with a cardboard roll and 

mirror, added some accessories and then the 

fun part: Sew the costumes, liners, sheets and 

blankets to dress the bed .... When I put my 

Poppy was really happy with his new room.

To realize this park, I lined a wooden container

with the gray card to simulate the asphalt and 

cardboard blue to simulate the open space (with 

clouds painted with white acrylic paint).


I have inserted a removable cardboard Panel 

reproduces a tree with fountain,

 I created of the flower beds with "fake weed" 

and the flowers of the party favors, I inserted the 

benches, the lamp (which is a candle holders) a 

water fountain in cast iron, battery-powered 

lanterns and finally the MC-DONALDS Mattel 

that I purchased on E-BAY at a bargain price.


A nice Park, eat with friends, chatting 

comfortably seated on benches, walking the dog 

and where children can play and run on the 



This diorama was created for Christmas 2014. 

It is built inside a closet. The walls were painted 

white, the floor is made of a black wrapping 

paper. Some accessories Christmas gifts I made 

myself with cardboard, brylcreem, the glue and 

tapes, others I found among my Christmas




The scenes of the photos reflect the most cheerful

 moments of Christmas tree, from preparation to 

the new year, the dancing, the exchange of gifts 

and show a nice fun atmosphere and serenity.







This photography studio is built inside a white 

furniture. The lights, the camera, the stand for 

clothes and furniture mirror with his chair are a 

set that I bought in a large toy store in France 

(where I hope to return someday). The tub is a 

sponge baskets and can be filled with water and 

SOAP to have a great visual effect. Other

 accessories are part of my collection.

This was my first experiment of diorama dolls, 

now built many years ago. It is an atelier. It is 

entirely made of cardboard. It is built inside one 

from the box. The various pieces are painted with
tempera paints and attached with hot glue. the 

cabinet is made of cardboard and there is a 

mirror to try on clothes. The counter is 

also of cardboard but the plant in the right 

corner is true.

The painting behind the bar I did. If you look at 

the photos you can clearly see the flaws but it was

an experiment to play with the material that I 

was staying at home. I liked him and I was very 

pleased to have created it's called Rossana's 

atelier because as you can imagine, Rossana (the

one pictured below) was the owner.

PS Now this atelier has not existed for a long 

time, I have remained, however, these nice 

photos to remember.


L'atelier di Rossana