Soldier Legend

Soldier Legend unblocked game will tell the story of a brave warrior who had to face an entire orava of aliens alone, eager to capture and enslave all of humanity. He did not back down from his duty and decided to accept the opponent's challenge. Help him fight evil and save the whole world from alien invasion. Your main task is to beat off the waves of enemies coming at you on both sides. To do this, you have a large arsenal of weapons, but they will need to be opened first. To do this, kill detractors and collect coins that fall out of them. Then, in the store, improve your weapons, protective turrets and various auxiliary guns in the form of a missile strike, a timer bomb and a machine gun. The tower will be able to restore your mana every second. The higher her level, the better she does it. Auxiliary tools will always help you in difficult times, when there would seem to be no way out. Walk this path from beginning to end, substituting your strong shoulder for our hero.

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