Bomb it 2

Bomb it 2 unblocked game - a continuation of the sensational game. In the second part, many surprises await you. Now, in addition to one standard mode, there will be three more and you can diversify the gameplay. Namely: Arcade, Weapons Only, Collection the coins and Color the tiles. In the "Arcade" mode, an already beloved plot awaits you, where you need to defeat all rivals. In the "Weapons only" mode, you have to kill ten enemies, in the "Collection the coins" mode, you must be the first to collect ten gold coins, and in the "Color the tiles" mode, you will win back your territory and paint over your character. There are also four characters, as in the previous part. Only they are no longer two boys and two girls, but one cutie is a girl and three cool boys are a boy. Also, you can choose the number of rivals, levels and the arena that you like.

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