Armor Mayhem

Energy reserves were completely depleted on the planet, so in order to replenish it, it was necessary to fly to the vastness of space, where you can definitely find at least something! After many fruitless attempts to stumble upon something suitable, a group of astronauts practically despaired of finding a source of unprecedented energy power, but it was here, thousands of millions of light years from their home, that they discovered an unknown planet. Landing on it almost instantly, the expedition came across huge luminous crystals, from which the original power was felt a mile away. This is a wonderful source of energy, exactly what they were looking for in Armor Mayhem unblocked game. Only one single problem remains - it is necessary to fight back the local enslavers, who decided that a new colony of thoughtless slaves had arrived. To you. as the commander of the team, you will have to go through many tests to destroy enemies, while the rest try to establish spacecrafts for return shipment with crystals to their home planet!

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