Adam and Eve 3

The long-awaited sequel to Adam and Eve 3 unblocked game. This time, Adam needs to escape from the chambers of Cleopatra, who took him prisoner as her personal slave. But without your help, Adam cannot escape. While Cleopatra is asleep, you need to find the key and open the door. As long as you look for the way that Adam will be most likely to escape. She will just receive a letter from her beloved Eva, who will notify him of the bad news, she is in captivity in custody and very much asks that Adam come to her aid as soon as possible. Now Adam has a new goal: to find his beloved Eve and return home together. It will be very simple if you are there and help Adam in every possible way to overcome all difficulties in his path. Take your time if, you click on everything around and nothing happens, better think again, the solution to the problem may be in the little things that you did not notice the first time. The main thing is to do everything carefully, connect the logic and then Adam will be able to find Eve and return home.

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