In Seasonland unblocked game, you have to help a small alien make an incredible journey and overcome many obstacles along the way. Move only forward, fight monsters who want to stop you at all costs, collect coins and do not forget that you have a powerful weapon at your disposal. Jump over dangerous spikes, beware of guns and be extremely careful, because at any time you can fall into a deadly trap. Do not pass the chests, be sure to open them and take the coins. Each chest is guarded, so before you open it, you need to beat a guard who can take your life with one touch. Some treasures are hidden, but if you follow the clues, you can easily find them. In each level, you can spend 10 coins and save yourself so that in case of failure you do not start all over again, because sometimes it is not immediately possible to defeat new monsters that are stronger than the previous ones. Try to complete as many levels as possible, despite the difficulties and enjoy this incredible journey.

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