Prince of Persia

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A coup took place in the Persian state, the chief vizier Jafar deceived and seized power with the use of black magic, sending the sultan to prison deep in the dungeon, and the princess gave one hour to think. The poor girl must choose between the death of her father and marriage. Both are unacceptable to her. Only the real prince of Persia can save the country and its ruler. Go to the Prince of Persia unblocked game and help the hero, he will go to a dark terrible dungeon, where the most dangerous criminals are lowered so that they slowly die. Among this rabble languishes the Sultan. The guards guard the dungeons, but not they need to be afraid of the brave man, but Jafar himself, he will meet the hero in order to destroy the last barrier on the way to power and power. The underground maze in Prince of Persia is endless and full of unexpected death traps, stepping onto the platform, make sure it is strong, the floor will collapse at any moment, and there will be sharp stakes under it and the mission will end. Remember that the hourglass has already begun counting, your hero should hurry up and destroy the villain vizier. When playing Prince of Persia on traditional stationary computers, use the mouse, touch controls are used on mobile devices. The needle is made in a retro style, it is still popular with players and pixel heroes do not bother anyone when fascinating adventures with fights begin.