Riddle School 5

The sequel to Riddle School 5 unblocked game, where you have to solve puzzles, moving around the rooms of the room and trying to find items that will help you find a way out as soon as possible. At the beginning of the game, you will see a character lying on a bed. It is you who have to manage it during the search for a way out of the unknown hero of the room. Pay attention to the lower panel of the playing field. Useful items and tools will be stored here that you will be able to find when examining the rooms. Here, on the right side, there is a map of the area by which you can track the movement of the character and understand which other rooms he should visit. When managing a character, use a mouse. With its help, you can inspect various objects, as well as move around the territory of the playing field. Pay attention to the red arrows appearing on the playing field. They will suggest the direction in which the character should move. However, in order to be able to go on the path indicated by the arrow, you must help him open access by solving puzzles and problems.

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