Haunt the House

Sometimes traveling through sites with games, we are looking for something new and unusual, and sometimes it can be a rather simple toy, with inconspicuous graphics and a strange plot, but with such a sense of humor that it seems that the developers created it for fun and did not lay any deep meaning or connotation. And you know, we found such a game and could not help but share with you. So, we present the inconspicuous, with ordinary graphics and completely boring heroes of Haunt the House unblocked game, but so filled with fun that serious strategies fade nearby, although again this is just our opinion. Your character is a dark little cast that can't really do anything terrible and evil except that it can scare any resident of this big house in which it has settled. Your task is to become one with the drive and try to regain your home, since the new tenants boldly entered it and did not ask the drive if it was according to becoming a neighbor with a simple and large family.

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