unblocked - one more a game fascinating online from the io series. You get to huge open spaces of the ocean where you are waited by survival among any underwater beings. At the beginning you play a little small fish and the main task there will be a gathering food which turns into the earned experience. The more experience you collect, the quicker turn into a new being. Each of players seeks to become more and stronger, to receive the strongest being and to defeat all. It is not simple to survive in this world, but it is possible! Some of animals will be such as: fishes, crabs, squids, sea cat, dolphins and even sharks. Each being is valid the own, characteristics and of course pluses, and minuses! The feature of each animal needs to be studied properly to use his potential on a maximum. Collect food and you become a big being to eat small. For eating of other players you also get a lot of experience. In the game "" there are also beings as a seagulls who cannot is under water long, but they can fly. Play, devour more than other players and win first place in the table of rating.

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