unblocked is a browser multiplayer game. Here, you will be able to play together with other players from all globe. In a game there is a set of servers and you can choose any according to your desire. So, at the beginning of the game you will be faced by the choice between two animals - a mouse. and shrimp. Choose an animal by whom it will be convenient to you to be pumped over also in fight! In "" on the card zones of sushi and water will alternate. Water animals will perfectly feel in water, but on the land will quickly spend water supplies. Water animals are usually quicker pumped over. That into the account of overland animals, they perfectly feel, both on the land, and in water. Here only in water they not so quickly move. Any animal can dive in the ocean, and on the land to throw out circles with water. On the lower panel of a game there are two strips - small and big. The small strip is an indicator of water of your character. If water at your animal to reach a limit, then it will die. That to avoid it, you have to collect blue circles or go to a reservoir. If the road to water is very long, then you will be able to throw out a little water on the land and is it during the travel not to die.

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