All list Shooting unblocked games on site

13 more days in hell


3D Aim Trainer

Action Bros

Action Turnip

Alien Attack Team

​Alien Attack Team 2

Alien Guard 3

Angry Birds

Animal Hunter

Animator vs Animation

Animator vs Animation 2

Animator vs Animation 3

Apple Shooter

Apple Shooter Champ

Armor Mayhem


Awesome Tanks

Awesome Tanks 2

Battle Area

Battle Gear

Battle Gear 2

Battle Paint​​


BattleField 2

Battlefield Arena

Battlefield Shooter

Bazooka Boy

Bazooka Boy 2

Blocky Gun Paintball

Bloons Super Monkey



Bowman 2

Boxhead 2play

Boxhead More Rooms

Boxhead The Nightmare

Boxhead The Rooms

Boxhead Zombie Wars

Brawl Stars

​Bullet Force

Bullet Party CS 2

Call Of Duty

Call of Duty 2

Call of Duty 3

Call of Ops 2

​City Siege

City Siege 2

City Siege 3

City Siege 4

Clear Vision

Clear Vision 2

Clear Vision 3

Clear Vision 4

Clear Vision 5

Cold Crime

​Color World

Color World Origins


Copter vs Tank EZ

Counter Strike Online

Dead End St

​Dead Zed

Dead Zed 2

Deadly Road Trip

Defend Your Nuts

Defend Your Nuts 2

Desert Shooter

Divine Intervention


Doom Triple Pack

Dump Escape

Elephant Quest

Elona Shooter

Flaming Zombooka

Flaming Zombooka 2

Flaming Zombooka 3


Getaway Shootout

Combat Cubic Arena

​Gravitee Wars

Green Archer 2

Gun Mayhem

Gun Mayhem 2


GunGame Shooting


Heads Mayhem


Hobo 2: Prison Brawl

Hobo 3: Wanted

Hobo 4: Total War

Hobo 5: Space Brawl

Hobo 6: Hell

Hobo 7

Hobo Vs Zombies

Infected Blood

Javelin Fighting

Kids Vs Ice Cream

Last Battle

Last Stand

Last Stand 2

Last Stand: Union Cty

Leader Strike

​Madness Hydraulic

Madness Nevada Hotline

Madness Project Nexus

Masked Forces Unlimited

Mexico Rex


Modern Blocky Paint

My Friend Pedro

My Friend Pedro: Arena

​No Time To Explain

No Time To Explain 2

Pixel Combat

Pixel Combat 2

Pixel Gun Apocalypse

Pixel Gun Apocalypse EZ

Pixel Warfare

Plazma Burst

Plazma Burst 2

Plazma Burst 3

PUBG Pixel

​Quick Draw

Raft Wars

Raft Wars 2

Raft Wars 3

Rage 2

Rage 3

Ricochet Kills

Ricochet Kills 2

Ricochet Kills 3

Ricochet Kills 4

Ricochet Kills: Siberia

Rogue Buddies

Rogue Buddies 2

Rooftop Shooter

Rooftop Snipers​

SAS: Zombie Assault

SAS: Zombie Assault 2

SAS: Zombie Assault 3

SAS: Zombie Assault TD

Shell Shock Live

Shell Shock Live 2

Sketch Man

Sniper Assassin

Sniper Assassin 2

Sniper Assassin 3

Sniper Assassin 4

Sniper Assassin 5

Sniper Team

Squadd Royale

Street Car Wars

Strike Force Heroes

Strike Force Heroes 2

Strike Force Heroes 3


SuperFighters: Ultimate​​


Tank Trouble

Tank Trouble 2

Thing Thing

Thing Thing 2

Thing Thing 3

Thing Thing 4

Thing Thing Arena

The Last Stand

The Last Stand 2​​

The Last Stand: Union City

Teen Titans Go

Tequila Zombies

Tequila Zombies 2

Tequila Zombies 3

Toss the Turtle​​

Vehicle Wars 2020



Zombie Again

Zombie Tornado


Zombokill 2


Zombocalypse 2


Zombotron 2

Zombotron 2: Time Machine

The first shooters were awfully primitive. Actually, they resembled a shooting gallery, where one had to get into a moving or a stationary target.

Today, the modern online shooting games unblocked at school have changed beyond recognition. The targets turned into the real opponents that can return fire. You will agree that playing such shooting games is much more interesting. Moreover, the real person can be your opponent in the flash game. His target is you. After all, the person is much craftier than the computer character, and he can lay low and sneak up on you.

The shooters for boys are very popular, as everybody needs to let off steam. It’s much better to do it sitting at the computer and not hurting anyone. Playing online shooting games unblockedat school for free, you risk nothing. Your drawn enemies can’t hurt you. However, you get the perfect opportunity to get rid of your aggression and shoot the cartoon monsters or gangsters.

Shooting games unblocked at school allow you to play both alone and with friends. On our website you can play popular online shooters without registration so that your friends can easily join you. You can play for one team, develop the team politics and become an invincible troop, or play for different teams and use guns, rifles, grenade launchers and other kinds of arms to find out who is the best shooter.