AP 1: Simple Harmonic Motion

Simple Harmonic Motion Lessons / Tutorials: Click here for Ms. Twu's SHM Practice Problems.

Simple Harmonic Motion: page 1 (Video 1 to 7: SHM basics, spring-mass oscillator)

Simple Harmonic Motion: page 2 (Video 8 to 14: Energy graphs, simple pendulum, multiple-choice questions, damped oscillation, ranking & proportion questions)

AP1 Project CLEA for finding Jupiter's mass pdf file

AP1 Project CLEA for finding Jupiter's mass.

Lab: Inertial Balance

Lab: Simple Pendulum

AP1 Mechanics Equations etc

    • AP Physics 1: SHM 1: Spring-Mass System Basics
    • AP Physics 1: SHM 2: Matching Circular Motion and Period Equation
    • AP Physics 1: SHM 3: Spring-Mass System: Period
    • AP Physics 1: SHM 4: Graphs: Position, Velocity, and Acceleration as Functions of Time
    • AP Physics 1: SHM 5: Spring-Mass System Problem 1
    • AP Physics 1: SHM 6: Spring-Mass System Problem 2
      • AP Physics 1: SHM 7: Spring-Mass System Problem 3
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