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Welcome to Ms. Twu's Physics Lessons website! I am Yau-Jong Twu, a physics teacher at Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Greenbelt, Maryland. This website is created to go along with my physics lesson videos on Youtube - the AP Physics B Lessons with Ms. Twu. The lessons focus on the AP Physics B curriculum set by the College Board and are used for the "flipped classroom" teaching method at Eleanor Roosevelt High School. 

One important thing to keep in mind is that these lessons are designed for students who have never taken any physics course before because about 99% of my AP Physics B students take it as their first physics course. 

The AP Physics B Lessons with Ms. Twu video series include lectures, physics demonstrations, and problem-solving demonstrations. I am an experienced AP Physics teacher for both the algebra-based AP Physics B and the calculus-based AP Physics C courses. I strive to put an emphasis on the understanding of physics concepts and analytical problem solving skills.

Since the lessons/tutorials are designed for students who have never taken physics before, they can also be good for anyone taking high school physics, honors physics and physics self-study. 

This website and the Youtube lessons are in working progress, so things will be updated regularly. Please click on the left sidebar to view lessons on specific physics topics. 



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