Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions that many parents and campers have about Twilight Camp. If you have any questions, please email us at
Q:  What do you do at camp?
A:  Here's a typical day at Twilight Camp.  Each day the girls will be at a different site within the park, with themed activities for that day.   The order of the Daily Activities changes each day. Your actual schedule will be similar to the one above but the activity order will be different.
1:45 pm Check-in
2:00 pm Opening
2:15 pm Daily Activities (Songs, Swimming, Game and Snack, Skill, Physical Activity, Brown Bag Supper, Craft)
7:00 pm Walk to Ceremony Circle
7:15 pm Closing Ceremonies
7:45 pm Camp Dismissed
Q:  What is the cost of camp?
A:  The fee structure is based on camper or older girl position.  For a complete list of fees, Click Here.  Confidential financial assistance is available.  You can download a form from our registration page or contact us at
Q: What are Cookie Credits? How do we use them?
A. Cookie Credits are the little coupon cards that say "Cookie Credit" that were distributed by your troop's Cookie Mom. You only get these if you sold cookies in 2016. They're based on individual cookie sales and are worth $5.00 each toward the Twilight Camp registration fee (they can be used for other Council activities as well). When you register, include the Cookie Credits with the registration form.
Q: How long do we get to go swimming?
A: We go swimming for about 45 minutes each day, unless there is a thunderstorm or reason to not be in the water. There are changing rooms at camp, most campers wear their swimsuits under shorts/shirts and bring dry undergarments to change into. The swimming area is a beach that's monitored by city lifeguards and adult volunteers.
Q: Where do I pick up my child?
A: At the "Ceremony Circle" where you dropped off. You can sit with your child during closing ceremonies but you must sign your camper out at the Ceremony Circle afterwards so we know that you're leaving with them.
Q: How early do I need to drop them off?
A: Camp starts at 2:00pm, given that there's about 300 campers being dropped off at the same time, allow 15 minutes to park, walk your child to their unit, and sign them in.  
Q: What's a sit-upon? Do we really use them?
A: It's a waterproof cushion or pad used to sit on the ground in the out of doors. They're optional, but a Girl Scout tradition - often campers have made them with their troops during the year. Instructions and ideas for several kinds can be found
here and here.  
Q: Can I join my friend in another group?
A: You must stay with your Unit during camp, but there are times (like swimming) when several Units are together at once. If your friend is in another Unit, it's better to make time to see her outside of camp and make new friends in your Unit during the camp day itself. 
Q: What time is camp each day?
A: Camp will go from 2-7:45pm this year. Pick up is between 7:45 and 8:00pm. All campers will need to be signed out (the caddie has the sign-out form) from their unit before they can leave.
Q: Does my daughter need to be registered with Girl Scouts to attend?
A: Yes. And she can join any time! Girls ages 5-17 can join the Girl Scouts.
Click here for more info.

Q: How can I make sure my daughter is with her best friend?
A: Reciprocal requests can be made and we will try to honor most requests. However, camp is also a time to make new friends - it's not logistically possible to put every girl with every request.

Q: Can my daughter only sign up for 1-2 days and what would the cost be?
A: We do not offer partial weeks of camp. There is no price adjustment or prorated fee.

Q: Is there financial aid available?
A: Yes, a form was included in the registration packet.   Email to request a form, or download one in our Registration tab on this website.

Q: Who do I contact about my daughter's special needs?
A: Please call the phone number above or contact us at

Q: Is there someone to care for my 2 or 3 year old at camp?
A: Sibling care is only available for ages 4-13 year olds. Children must be 4 years old by July 24th 2016.

Q: Is job sharing available?
A: Yes - we will consider this when we place volunteers. There is also the opportunity for volunteers to sign up themselves using Volunteer Spot. The link will be sent out to adult volunteers prior to camp so that you can sign up to help.  

Q: Can I use a copy of my daughter's troop health form for camp?
A: Yes you can! New this year, the camp health forms and troop health forms match and can be shared.

Q: Will my daughter attend with other girls in her troop?
A: Unlike a Service Unit event, Twilight Camp is considered a council event. Girls register individually rather than with their troop. Girls are placed into "Units" for the duration of camp and we try to have at least 1 girl from her troop with her. 

Q: What is the Twilight Camp theme?
A: The theme each year is chosen from ideas tossed around at leaders meetings and ideas heard about here and there during the year. Activities in camp follow the theme for the year. Past Themes have includes Travel on the Mississippi River, Life on the Frontier, East Asia, Ancient Greece, Egypt and Mexico, Route 66, Animals, and Western Europe.

Q: Why is it called Twilight Camp?
A: It's called Twilight Camp because camp runs each day from early afternoon to early evening (the twilight of the day) allowing parents to volunteer without taking an entire day off work.