Twilight Camp 2016

A very fun year for 2016, our theme was "Girl Scout-Ology". The Greek suffix -ology refers to a branch of knowledge, and we had knowledge-themes sites this year.

In the Chemistrysite we made ice cream in a bagbag, using rock salt to lower the freezing temperature of water. Girls had a blast doing the "Diet Coke and Mentos" experiement, then we played a scaenvery hunt for elements looking for extra-large Oxygen and Hydrogen balls around the site. For a craft, we made slime making, and then did an experiment with baking soda volcanoesand observed their reactions.

Biologywas all about animals. Carver County Parks delivered an aquatic pond study for us where observed different aquatic species. We had an animal signstrail hunt, looking for animal footprints, then entered a butterflytent with native Minnesota species to observe (we released the butterflies on the last day!).

In Criminologywe learned about forensic evidence and observation, studying a "Crime Scene" just like in CSI. We took our fingerprints and learned about different blood types, then made a paint splatter craft to study splatter patterns.

For Physics, we made water rockets, shooting them up in the air using air pressure launchers. We made Wobble Botsto study how electricity interacts with electric motors (wobble bot instructions). We watched a physical transformation while making a Perler Beadcraft, and made a marshmallow engineeringproject, which we then ate for a snack.

Girl Scout campers completed Bugs, Home Scientist, and Butterly Fun for Brownies; Detective for Juniors, and Special Agent for Cadettes. Check with your troop leader for arrangements to purchase the actual patches from the Chanhassen Girl Scout Shop or Council Girl Scout shop.

Twilight Camp 2016 Photos