Twilight Camp 2021: Inspiring Women

In 2021 we returned to camp after the COVID-19 lockdown, resuming our original 2020 theme, "Inspiring Women." Camp programming and activities focused on past and current women who are inspiring in their achievements and careers.

Health and Biology.

We made a "heart and cell snack" modeling how the heart pumps blood throughout the body. We made a model heart with balloons and water to learn about atria and ventricles. Next we used a simple marshmallow and toothpick pulse monitor to see our pulse. We made "edible cells" with cupcakes and various toppings for parts of the cell (nucleus, ribosomes, etc.)

We learned about Rosalind Frankin, a chemist and X-ray crystallographer. Her work was central to the understanding of the molecular structures of DNA, RNA, and viruses. We extracted DNA clumps from bananas using dish soap and alcohol, and played a fun Who Done It game about DNA

We also talked about mental health, and what society has learned from the impact of the pandemic. Then we made stress balls from Orbeez and balloons.

Science and Technology

Astronaut Pudding and Astronaut Freeze Dried Ice Cream were our snacks in Science and Technology. As we ate, we learned about female astronauts and engineers in the spaces program. We talked about Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson from "Hidden Figures", learned about astronaut Sally Ride, and what life is like in space.

In the aviation activity we talked about Amelia Earhart and other women aviators, make and flew small model planes, and have fun launching large gliders. We played a coding board game, and made Morse Code bracelets that spelled our name while learning about Margaret Hamilton, Grace Hopper, and other computer engineers

Equality and Activism

In Equality and Activism we focused on climate change and advocating for nature. In "Getting to Know Low" we learned about Juliette Gordon Low, the founder of Girl Scouts. We learned about We played Kim's Game, a traditional memory game played by Scout organizations.

The girls next learned the Girl Scout Tree Promise. We talked about the importance of trees and learned three methods for measuring them. Each camper earned the Tree Promise Patch. To practice leading the way, we next learned some Orienteering skills. We learned about pace, how to orient a compass, and navigated a course. Finally we made really fun tree charms using Shrinky Dinks to make a leaf charm.

Arts and Entertainment.

We learned about Georgie O'Keefe, the "Mother of Modernism". Creative arts are an important aspect of society. We discussed other famous female artists. Finally, we made a watercolor painting O’Keefe’s style, with perspective and flower subjects.

We discussed Sports as a form of entertainment. For a snack we created an Olympic Medal snack (sandwich cookies & Fruit by the Foot) and learned about famous female Olympians. We created a take-home Olympic Gold medal with foam clay. Next we broke into groups to try different sports (skateboarding, artistic gymnastics, badminton, track & field). We finished up with a fun game of volleyball.

To learn about women in performing arts we played some games that helped us gain skills. The Campers did an exercise based on I Love Lucy! and Lucielle Ball. We then learned about stand-up comedians like Amy Poehler and Tina Fey with a "stand up" activity. Tight rope walking and performing skills rounded out our station on women in acting.

Twilight Camp 2021 Photos