Twilight Camp 2022: Twilight Together

In 2022 we held a combined camp with New Brighton and our two Girl Scouts Service Units in Eastern Carver County for the first time since 2005, when the River Bluffs service unit split under the old Girl Scouts of Greater Minneapolis council. Our theme was "Twilight Together", reflecting the partnership between all of our communities, working together to deliver camp.

Our first programming site was Home Sweet Home, where we made pie iron cookies, made a paper quilt, and studied home building with "Raise the Roof", an engineering challenge with marshmallows and spaghetti to see who could create the tallest stucture.

The next site was the Bird's Nest, where we learned about Quilling in our Odd Ducks activity, making paper dukcs in a traditional paper-based art medium.  We also make braided feather key-chains in Birds of a Feather, and had amazing chocolate bird egg snacks. 

In the Team Spirit site we celebrated sporting togetherness.  We particpated in teamwork challenges with a low-ropes course, then celebrated team spirit by making knee-high tie-dye socks.  Carver County Parks set up an archer range, and we finished the day with a trail mix snack.

Finally, our Girl Scouts Rule! program area gave us a change to be together as Girl Scouts. We made and ate an edible campfire, and then learned Leave No Trace principles. We make Girl Scout lockets, and finally praticed setting up tents for our next camping trip.

Over 250 Campers, Caddies, and Adult Volunteers came together for Twilight Camp 2022!

Twilight Camp 2022 Photos