Our theme for Twilight Camp 2018 was Elemental Twilight, with sites based on the “elements” of Earth, Fire, Air and Water. In the Earth site we learned about the sport of Geocaching, treasure hunting with GPS and led by Girl Scout Senior Alexis. We played the hide-and-seek Rock Game and made Painted Rocksas a craft, and also made cute Terrariums that everyone took home. Our earth themed snack was focused on growing food in the earth, with Veggie Pizza.

The Air with was really fun, with Three Rivers parks putting on their Archery program for us (we sent arrows flying through the air – get it?). The girls made and inflated Balloon Cars and we had air-popped Popcorn for a snack. Girl Scout Ambassador Maddie created a fun Wind Chimes craft and Ambassador Aila led it.

We had our most popular craft with Fire Art in the fire site, setting alcohol-based inks on fire and making fun pictures in the Fire site. Girl Scout Ambassadors Abby and Alyssa planned a Fire Escape game, while Ambassadors Mia and Sarah led Campfire Activities. We had a traditional snack over the fire with Pie Irons

IN oyur final site, Water, we did stand-up Paddle Boarding learned about aquatic sports. We had a blast launching Water Balloons with a giant troop-made launcher. For a snack we observed phase change in matter while eating Sno Cones, and then made PVC Water Shooters for our craft.

We closed out the week with a back thank-you to our amazing camp director Lisa, who finished up a three year rotation as director and six years of volunteering for camp. Thank you Lisa!