Our theme for Twilight Camp 2019 was "Celebrations Around the World." Each programming site was a celebration or festival form a different part of the world.

In the Australia site we found out about Cully Fest. We learned aboriginal dot art patterns and decorated a boomerang. We had a lot of fun making and learning to play cardboard Didgeridoos. We had fairy bread, a popular snack from Australia, and even had edible bugs, an important source of protein in Australia's interior. Finally, we found out how woomeras work by learning to throw an Atl atl.

We celebrated Dia de los Muertos by creating an ofrenda to honor GS Founder Juliette Gordon Low. We had fun in each unit with games of Pirinola & Loteria, and then took turns making Mexican folk art. For a snack we had authentic tostadas.

We celebrated the Tanabata Festival in Japan by making an origami craft. We enjoyed a candy sushi roll snack and then went fishing at the fishing dock with Let's Go Fishing Minnesota. We learned about the Tanabata Festival with festival-themed games and activities.

Our final site was the Highland Games from Scotland. We made a tartan plaid craft, then played golf and found out how it originated in Scotland. We learned about Scottish culture with traditional snacks and activities, including caber tossing!

Overall, it was a very fun year, and we enjoyed having a different festival or party each day!