Twilight Camp 2011

Twilight Four Seasons

Our theme for 2011 was Twilight Four seasons. We experienced all four seasons in one week at Twilight Camp! Over 250 Girl Scouts and 35 siblings attended four days of camp.

Twilight Camp 2011 Photos

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This year was the 20th anniversary of Twilight Camp and more than 300 area Girl Scouts and their siblings attended. We also had more than 180 volunteers in the Girl Scout’s Northern Skies Service Unit which serves our area.

e service work in the winter. For a snack, the girls had real snow cones, including maple-syrup flavored ones. Finally we made a “summer snowman” out of coffee filter snowflakes and decorated ornaments.


e also completed a service project for Auburn Manor, because many people complet

Thee first programing area was the Winter site. In the site, the girls completed a snow equipment obstacle course. Hoigaard’s, Hyland Ski & Snowboard and Blizzard Ski & Snowboard all came out to show is different types of winter sports equipment, which was pretty funny on a warm humid day. W

In the Spring programing area, we had four very fun activities. The PGA in partnership with Hazeltine National Golf Club came in and set up a driving range and a three hole golf course for us. They instructed the campers on technique and were definitely the best-dressed volunteers in game!

In the garden shed area we learned about the science behind weather and gardening, and finally make a “pocket garden” craft to take home.


Spring is when many herbs ripen in time for cooking, so our snack area was “La Petite Fleur Cooking School” – we had couscous with herb seasonings and made fun little hamburgers for a snack.

Occasionally there’s an activity that the younger girls do much better than older ones, and with their lower center of gravity, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade Girl Scouts really shined!

Paddle boarding was the most popular activity in Summer. We went out on the lake taking turns on stand-up paddle boards.

Next in the area we had a trip to the Carver County Fair to sample fruits and vegetables for a snack. We made vases decorated with twigs, and learned about composting and planting and took a flower home. Who knew compost would be so much fun!


The final programming area, Autumn, was decked out like the fall of the year. The campers did football drills and completed a scrimmage with the help of Chanhassen High School football players and coaches. An Apple Orchard area was set up complements of the Minnesota landscape Arboretum. All week long we had been learning about what happens to trees in different seasons, and completed our own family tree as part of the craft activity. We also learned about the fall harvest and did some fried floral arranging.

We began each day in the ceremony circle, and ended at the amphitheater with announcements and recognitions. It was hot and humid several days, but no rain, so we went swimming every day at the beach as well. It was definitely a unique experience at Twilight Camp, and Twilight Four Seasons had us waiting for the next cycle of seasons to pass to we can head back to Twilight Camp in 2012.