Twilight Camp 2020

We had to really change things up in 2020 with the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. In 2020 we held "Twilight at Home". Each participant received a Twilight at Home kit of activities, games, and crafts, designed and proctored by our older girl Caddies. We also had an activity packet, camp t-shirt, and a participation patch.

Overall camp went really well, with several dozen girls sharing work from home, working with a "Quaranteam" of other girls, and encouraging each other.


Activity Kit


Twilight at Home Activity Packet.pdf

Activity Packet
The activity kits included almost everything a girl needed for the camp activities, however she also needs the following to complete all the activities:

    • Tape, glue, or a glue stick

    • A piece of fruit, any kind

    • A permanent marker

    • Two cups of ice

    • About 3 feet of aluminum foil

    • About 2 feet of plastic wrap

Click any of the links below to see the Caddie video for that activity on YouTube. We had a lot of fun putting these together!

  • Girl Scout Law Swap - Make a Girl Scout Law SWAP with a colored bead for each part of the Law.

  • Slushie in a Bag - Try the classic "ice cream in a bag" technique using a juice pouch.

  • Friendship Bracelet - Braid a friendship bracelet using a candystripe or braid pattern.

  • Spiral Art - Make spiral art using a simple kit.

  • Sidewalk Chalk Art - Make something fun w/sidewalk chalk

  • Epilepsy Awareness SWAP - Make a SWAP and learn how you can support epilepsy awareness.

  • Nature Bingo - Head outside with the micro telescope and hunt for things on a bingo sheet

  • Mini Watercolor Painting - Paint a mini sized watercolor painting on paper or canvas.

  • Sidewalk Chalk Obstacle Course - Make and then go through an chalk obstacle course.

  • Friendship Pin - Make matching pins with safety pins and beads. Give one to a friend!

  • Pet Rock - Find and tame a wild rock, and turn it into a pet.

  • Butterfly Feeder - Decorate w/stickers, then arrange rocks, water and fruit to attract butterflies.

  • Paper Kindness Chain - Make a paper chain with kindness thoughts or to give to a friend

  • Flower Pot Planting - Decorate a little pot, plant, and water nasturtium and alyssum flowers

  • Leaf Rubbing Art - Pick a few leaves and make leaf rubbing art with a paper and crayons.

  • Egg Drop Challenge - Create a container that will protect an egg from cracking or breaking

  • Cloud Gazing - Head outside, put down a towel or blanket, and look for shapes in the clouds.

  • Micro Campfire - Make a pretend micro-campfire with a battery powered tealight

  • Marble Maze - Make a marble maze with a plate, paper, Wiki Stix, and drawing.

  • Solar Oven - Make a Solar Oven using aluminum foil, a box, and plastic wrap.

  • Constellation Cups - Make mini constellations using paper cups and a flashlight.

  • Indoor Campout - Go camping indoors! Make a fort, turn on your micro campfire, and watch the stars with constellation cups.