Editors: Valerie B. Johnson, University of Montevallo & Renée Ward, University of Lincoln

Assistant Editor: Laura S. Harrison, University of Edinburgh

Editorial Advisory Board

Anne Besson, Université d'Artois

Kevin J. Harty, La Salle University

Nickolas Haydock, University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez

Thomas Honegger, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena

Dina Khapaeva, Georgia Institute of Technology

Erin Felicia Labbie, Bowling Green State University

Lauryn S. Mayer, Washington & Jefferson College

Jenna Mead, University of Western Australia

Richard Utz, Georgia Institute of Technology (YWiM site manager)

About the editorial team:

Valerie B. Johnson is an Assistant Professor in the Department of English and Foreign Languages at the University of Montevallo, the liberal arts campus of the University of Alabama system. Her research concerns the late medieval vernacular literature of the British Isles, with a particular focus on ecopolitical imagery. Recently she has begun to investigate the medieval Americas. In addition to her editorial service with The Year’s Work in Medievalism, she is a co-founder and co-managing editor of the open-access and peer-reviewed journal The Bulletin of the International Association for Robin Hood Studies. Recent publications include articles on medievalism and multimodality in first year composition classrooms, romance novels and the Robin Hood canon, and a volume (co-edited) of critical essays on the Robin Hood tradition.

Renée Ward is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Lincoln. Her research concerns the literature and culture of the high to late medieval period, with emphases on monsters/monstrosity in medieval romance and outlaw literature. She has additional interests in modern medievalism, especially within children’s and young adult literature from the 19th century to present. Her current projects include a monograph study of werewolves in romance literature from the 12th to 14th centuries, and the recovery of works by the Victorian children’s writer Eleanora Louisa Hervey, including a collection of Arthurian tales and an adaptation of Beowulf. Renée has served as Associate Editor for The Year’s Work in Medievalism. She is also an editorial board member for Brill’s series Explorations in Medieval Culture, an executive board member for MEARCSTAPA (The Experimental Association for the Research of Cryptozoology through Scholarly Theory and Practical Application).

Laura S. Harrison recently completed her PhD at the University of Edinburgh. Her thesis examined public commemorations of the Scottish Wars of Independence from 1800 to 1939, and she is more broadly interested in local commemoration, myth-making, and political and cultural medievalism. Recent and upcoming publications include articles on the naming history of the Declaration of Arbroath, modern depictions of Sir William Wallace’s longsword, and the use of the medieval past in Scottish memorials from the First World War. Laura is also a co-founder of the War Through Other Stuff Society, which aims to bring together alternative narratives to re-address our understanding of war, and she is currently co-editing a special issue of the journal Critical Military Studies on this theme.