24 (2009)


Gwendolyn Morgan

Beowulf and the Middle Ages in Film PDF

Cory James Rushton

Canadian Grail PDF

Alexander Moffett

"Certain Fragments of Yellow Parchment": Remembering the Medieval in Virginia Woolf's "The Journal of Mistress Joan Martyn" PDF

Kathleen Coyne Kelly

Russ Meyer, Bricoleur: King Arthur, Wonder Woman, and Nazis in Beyond the Valley of the Dolls PDF

Karl Fugelso

Regional Medievalisms in Academia: Pictorial vs. Textual Responses to the Divine Comedy PDF

M.J. Toswell

Earle Birney: Medievalist Bard of British Columbia PDF

Cory Lowell Grewell

Vanquishing the Beast Within: Christianization of the Hero Ethos in Robert Zemeckis's Beowulf PDF