29 (2014)

Edited by E. L. Risden, Gale Sigal, and Richard Utz

E. L. Risden: Introduction pdf

Glenn Steinberg: Teaching Shakespeare’s Sources and Contexts pdf

William Hodapp: Shakespearean Medievalism in Performance: The Second Tetralogy pdf

Bonnie J. Erwin: “Is This Winning?”: Reflections on Teaching The Two Noble Kinsmen pdf

Leigh Smith: “The matter that you read”: Saxo Grammaticus as a Source for Shakespeare and a Resource for Teachers of Hamlet pdf

Brandon Alakas: Shakespeare’s Medievalism and the Life Removed: Depictions of Religious in Measure for Measure pdf

Karl Fugelso: Cecco Bonanotte’s Moving Illustrations of the Divine Comedy pdf

Heta Aali: Early Nineteenth-Century French Historiography and the Case of the Merovingian Queens pdf

Sandra Gorgievski: Secret Gestures and Silent Revelations: The Disclosure of Secrets in Selected Arthurian Illuminated Manuscripts and Arthurian Films pdf