15 (2000)

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Gwendolyn A. Morgan: Introduction

Graham Peter Johnson: Tennyson’s Pivotal Idyll: “Pelleas and Ettarre”

Erika Bein: The Influence of Malory and the Manipulation of Guenevere in the Poetry of Morris and Tennyson

Marilynn Lincoln Board: Modernizing Medieval Tropes of Femininity: Post-Darwinian Theology, Victorian Feminism and George Frederic Watts’ Madonnas, Magdalenes, and Eves

Jen Gonyer-Donohue: Of Sanctified Bodies and Stuffed Rumps: Reading the Medieval Narrative of Carlyle’s Past and Present

Jane Toswell and Alan Ward: Two New Letters by Auden on Anglo-Saxon Metre and The Age of Anxiety

Richard Utz: The Medieval Cathedral: From Spiritual Site to National Super-Signifier

Karl Fugelso: Historicizing the Divine Comedy: Renaissance Responses to a “Medieval” Text

Jesse G. Swan: Critiquing Early Modern White Supremacy: The Function of Medieval English Anti-Semitism in Elizabeth Cary’s The Tragedie of Mariam, The Faire Queene of Iewry

Martin Walsh: Hill Cumorah 2000: An American Mystery Cycle Martin Walsh

Richard Utz: Medievalism in the Making: A Bibliography of Leslie J. Workman

To access the pdf of the entire volume, click HERE