25 (2010)


Pi(o)us Medievalism vs. Catholic Modernism: The Case of George Tyrell PDF

Richard Utz

Legacy of Medieval Mendicant Orders PDF

Martha Oberle

"DU SEI WIE DU, immer": Mysticism and Messianism in the poetry of Paul Celan PDF

Chelsea Gunter

Postcolonialism and Medievalism: How French Regional Cultures/Literatures Reshape Their Past and Present PDF

William Calin

Retelling Old Tales: Germanic Myth and Language in Christopher Paolini's Eragon PDF

Jana K. Schulman

From English Stage to American Page: The Transatlantic Dissemination of Leonard MacNally's Robin Hood; or, Sherwood Forest PDF

Arthur Russell

Battle of Maldon in Imitative Translation PDF

Gwendolyn A. Morgan

Battle of Maldon: A One-act Play for Readers' Theater PDF

Edward L. Risden

Look at Some New Lays of Beowulf: The Misunderstood Monsters of Contemporary Popular Music PDF

T.S. Miller

Debilitating Dracula: Vampires as Illness Metaphor from the Middle Ages to the Present Day PDF

Aspen Hougen

Purged by Fire: The Influence of Medieval Visionary Literature on Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction PDF

Peter Johnsson

Unburied Corpses: The Violence of the Past in William Morris's Froissartian Poems PDF

Gerald Nachtwey