27 (2012)

Richard Utz, Edward L. Risden

From the Editor PDF

Helen Young

“It’s the Middle Ages, Yo!”: Race, Neo/medievalisms, and the World of Dragon Age PDF

Kathryn Wymer

A Quest for the Black Knight: Casting People of Color in Arthurian Film and Television PDF

Karl Fugelso

Dante as Sam Spade: Seymour Chwast’s Adaptation of the Commedia PDF

William Sayers

The Deflation of the Medieval in Joyce's Ulysses PDF

Matthew Schwager

Smearing the Medieval: Architectural Objects and Time Travel in Amnesia: The Dark Descent PDF

Alison Ganze Langdon

The More Things Change: Maria Edgeworth’s “The Modern Griselda” PDF

Nicholas M. Utzig

(Re)casting the Past: The Cloisters and Medievalism PDF

Nanette Thrush

The Pocket Venus: Iconography and Intimacy in Victorian Miniatures PDF

Nick Haydock

Making Sacrifices: Beowulf and Film PDF