28 (2013)

Special Issue: Medievalism NOW, ed. by Karl Fugelso, E. L. Risden, and Richard Utz

E. L. Risden: Introduction PDF

Valerie B. Johnson: Ecomedievalism: Medievalism's Potential Futures in Ecocriticism and Ecomaterialism PDF

Amy S. Kaufman: Lowering the Drawbridge PDF

Elena Levy-Navarro: A Long Parenthesis Begins PDF

Nickolas Haydock: Medievalism and Anamorphosis: Curious Perspectives on the Middle Ages PDF

Kevin Moberly & Brent Moberly: There is No Word for Work in the Dragon Tongue PDF

E. L. Risden: Miyazaki's Medieval World: Japanese Medievalism and the Rise of Anime PDF

Karl Fugelso: Embracing Our Marginalism: Mitigating the Tyranny of a Central Paradigm PDF

Carol L. Robinson: The Quest for a Deaf Lesbian Dwarf (or Anyone Else that Might Have Been Excluded) in Medievalist Video Games: A Response to Karl Fugelso’s ‘Manifesto’ PDF

Jesse G. Swan: Relaxation and Amateur Medievalism for Early Modernity: Seeing Sir Henry Yelverton as a Woman in Love and a Bureaucrat Threatened in the 1621 Parliament PDF

Helen Young: Place and Time: Medievalism and Making Race PDF

Richard Utz: Can We Talk About Religion, Please? Medievalism’s Eschewal of Religion, and Why it Matters PDF