30 (2015)

E.L. Risden: Introduction pdf

Ann F. Howey: Father Doesn’t Know Best: Uther and Arthur in BBC’s Merlin pdf

Leah Haught: “What if your future was the past?”: Temporality, Gender, and the “Isms” of Outlander pdf

Elan Pavlinich: The Chaucerian Debate of Auctorite versus Experience in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty and Maleficent pdf

J.P. Telotte: Flatness and Depth: Classic Disney’s Medieval Vision pdf

Valerie Johnson: Identity and Posthuman Medievalism in Sons of Anarchy pdf

Michael Evans: Is pre-Columbian America Medieval?: Indigenous Absence in American Medievalisms pdf

John Wm. Houghton: “The Lay of Baldor: a Play for Voices” pdf