14 (1999)

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Gwendolyn Morgan: Introduction

Ronald Hutton: The New Druids (Plenary Address)

Richard Utz: The Medieval Myth of Jewish Ritual Murder: Toward a History of Literary Reception

Michael J. Callaghan: Julian of Norwich: Thomas Merton’s Reason to Hope

Richard T. Lambert: Thomas Aquinas and the Debate over Introspection

Gregory B. Stone: Ecocriticism’s Middle Ages

Tiffany Rašoviƒ: Chaucer’s The Book of the Duchess and the Limits of Narrative

James R. Keller: Excess and Defect: Spencer and Medieval Cosmology in A Thousand Acres

Tammy Anderson: The Goddess and the Critics: Addressing a Problem in the Construction of Feminist Knowledge

Elizabeth Emery: Modern Medieval Pilgrimages: The Nineteenth-Century Struggle for the Soul of Lourdes

Kathryn E. Wildgen: Cross to Crucifix: Iconography of the Passion at Perrecy-les-Forges and Strasbourg