31 (2016)

Gwen to the Max: A Festschrift for Gwendolyn MorganThe Year's Work in Medievalism 31 (2016)

Edited by M. J. Toswell, E. L. Risden, Jesse G. Swan, Shiloh Carroll, and Renée Ward

M. J. Toswell: Introduction 1-6 pdf

Part A: Engaging with Gwen

Pam Clements, Two Poems 7-8 pdf

Brady Jensen, Fear is an Excellent Motivator: A Final Character Assassination of Gwendolyn Morgan 9-11 pdf

Matthew Schwager, The Ouija Professor 12-17 pdf

M. J. Toswell, Two Translators from Old English: Molly Peacock and Gwendolyn Morgan 18-24 pdf

Jesse G. Swan, Flannery O’Connor’s Living Medievalism 25-29 pdf

Kevin Moberly and Brent Moberly, Gay Habits Set Straight: Fan Culture and Authoritative Praxis in Ready Player One 30-44 pdf

Part B: Engaging with History, Politics and Religion

Brian Johnsrud, The Crusades All Over Again: Obama, ISIS, and Medieval Metaphors after 9/11 45-55 pdf

Amy Kaufman, Muscular Medievalism 56-66 pdf

Lauryn Mayer, Forged Pasts: Paul Kingsnorth’s Monitory Neo-Medievalism in The Wake 67-74 pdf

Richard Utz, Residual Medievalisms: Historical Pageants in Eastern Bavaria 75-81 pdf

Michael Evans, Pocahontas and the Burghers of Calais: The Queen as Intercessor in Seventeenth-Century America 82-89 pdf

Part C: Unexpected Medievalisms

Elizabeth Emery, Gaudeamus igitur: Late Nineteenth-Century French Taverns as a Portal to the Medieval 90-103 pdf

David Lampe, The Chivalry of Detection: Golden Age British Detective Fiction as Modern Medieval Romance 104-113 pdf

Kathleen Verduin, “The Gorgeous History of Feudalism”: Medievalism and Walt Whitman 114-121 pdf

William Calin, Medievalism in the French Counter-Reformation Baroque: Pierre LeMoyne’s Epic Saint Louis 122-126 pdf

Carol Robinson, Envisioning the Good, the Beautiful, and the Ugly: American Deaf Adaptation and Appropriation of British Medieval Works 127-135 pdf

Part D: New Figures and Approaches in Medievalism

Clare A. Simmons, “More than all that is known”: Medievalist Credulity in the Tractarian Lives of the English Saints 136-143 pdf

Ronald Hutton, Tolkien’s Magic 144-153 pdf

Karl Fugelso, My Own Private Dante: Tom Phillips’ Symbolic Inferno 154-161 pdf

E. L. Risden, Miyazaki’s Intellectual Landscape: Myth, Ecomedievalism, and Coming of Age 162-169 pdf

Tom Shippey, Medievalism Taken Personally: The Case of Alfred(o León) Duggan 170-180 pdf

Anita Obermeier, Maximum Humour: Sir Dinadan's Post-Medieval Capers 181-192 pdf

E. L. Risden: Postscript 193 pdf