The Long Range Rim Fire Club, LRRFC, is the National Club for developing and promoting long range shooting with .22RF rifles 

Welcome to the Long Range Rim Fire Club website

The Long Range Rimfire Club (LRRFC)  was founded in 2016 by Richard Kenchington who recognised the potential of the 22 Rimfire Cartridge. We shoot competitively at distances between 100 and 500 yards and hold regular practices and competitions. We are a Home Office Approved Club affiliated with the NRA. 

 Any single shot rifle chambered for .22 Long Rifle, Long or Short Rimfire ammunition may be used. No Semi Automatic rifles are eligible to be used in the LRRFC competitions. A sling and glove may be used.

 Our standards have been extracted from the UK full bore version of the rule book and we shoot in 4 disciplines:

Our motto "plumbulla longe it" is 'dog Latin' for "a little lead goes a long way"