PreK Color Groups


Colors: Auguste * Evans * Gustine * Rodriguez

  • Alphabet City 307.7 JOH by Stephen T. Johnson.

  • A wordless book of pictures demonstrating letters of the alphabet as seen around the city.

  • Use ppt projector and file to show the scanned images of the book and the overlay of each letter.

  • Or : 100 days of cool by Stuart J. Murphy P 513.2 MUR


Colors: Dombroski * Graves * Hilbrands * Madison * Morrissey


Colors: Jones * Larkin * Toering * James

    • Read: "Some men are born to greatness, others have greatness thrust upon them" T. Roosevelt

    • Lesson on Rosa Parks

    • Discussion: How does this quote exemplify this simple woman who was simply too tired to stand up on a bus?

    • Exercise: Discussion of the history of Rosa Parks and her impact on the inception of the Civil Rights Movement. How does MLK play into her act of defiance?


Colors: Hill * Ivey * Kahley * McCullough


Colors: Johnson * McLaughlin * Grant * Warren


Colors: Brown * Eller * Whitson