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  • Read Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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  • Read: Martin's Big Word

  • Discussion: finding e-books via Destiny Quest. Discussion of MLK Holiday

  • Exercise: introduce information about the MLK Holiday and begin search for Martin's Big Words - Lexile 410

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  • "I Have a Dream" speech from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    • Use Lessons/Holidays?MLK PPT

    • Literary -what successful elements of speech presentation do you notice?

    • Why is this such an important speech in US history?


Wil Mara Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr. 430

Martin's Big Words 410

1st Grade Symbols:

Explain that there are many hidden symbols in the design of the Statue of Liberty. For example, the seven rays in the statue’s

crown symbolize the seven seas and seven continents of the world, and the broken chain at her feet symbolizes freedom. Her torch acts as a beacon, symbolizing theidea that enlightenment is the key to achieving freedom. The tablet she holds in her left hand represents a nation based on law, and it is shaped like a keystone—a stone that holds all other stones of a construction in place. The windows in her crown symbolize heaven’s rays of light that shine down on the world, and the 13 rows of granite blocks in the statue’s base represent the original 13 colonies. Even the direction in which the statue faces is symbolic: It looks toward France, the nation that gave the statue to America as a symbol of friendship between these two nations.