Popcorn List #15

  • Books on spring

  • Tumblebooks: Cinammon and the April Shower

  • Facts from a fiction book

Discuss Opinion of book - good / bad WHY?


  • Bark, George

  • Pull up images of author Jules Feiffer (pictures/authors/feiffer_jules1.jpg)

  • Show some other book titles for children.

  • Read through Bark, George


Key words in nonfiction text

  • Table of content

  • Chapter titles and headings

  • Index

  • Glossary

  • Guide Words

Materials Needed: LCD Projector. Access to FollettShelf


  • Review of the Dewey Decimal Ranges 500-900

  • Continuing from last week's video, The Dewey Dilemma.

  • Show PPT from documents/orientation/dewey500-900.ppt Discuss each of the hundreds section and use the tips, cues, and motions as reminders.

  • Call book titles and get students to respond.


  • Discussion: Simple Machines.

  • Exercise: Review/demonstrate the different varieties of simple machines. Then, allow students to visit a website to find the different simpla machines located in a given room of a home.* determine

* timing - if allowed, send students to

Materials Needed:

  • Access to simple machines file located in teh 4th grade folder.

  • Access on all media center computers to above website.


  1. Guest Author, Holly Moulder