• Read: Pigsty by Mark Teague E TEA

    • Check-out

    • Watch: Pigs (TumbleBooks)


    • Pigsty by Mark Teague E TEA or Princess Pigsty by Cornelia Funke E FUN


    • Discussion: Insects (curriculum theme) Where are books found in the library? Reminder of Dewey Decimal System classification and how Insects are all of the same subject.

    • Exercise: Can follow-up with insect portion of "Metamorphesis" (skip past the frog):


    • Weather and folktale

    • the Dust Under Mrs. Merriweather's Bed by Susan Grohman E GRO


    • The Day Roy Riegels Ran the Wrong Way by Dan Gutman E GUT

    • Have you ever made a mistake? Failed at something?


    • Stars and Space - a look at the Space Shuttle

    • Exercise: show space shuttle images from the Z: drive, 4th grade folder

    • Talk to students about the location of stars and planets in the library - what Dewey number. Then, consider the location of technology for space travel. Would the space shuttle be in the same location as stars/planets?

    • Materials Needed: LCD projector and access to Z:/Lessons/4th grade/space shuttle.ppt


    • Said is Dead - getting the plain word out of our writing.

    • Begin with PPT "Said is Dead" from 5th grade lessons.

    • Read Chicken Little by Steven Kellogg E KEL

    • Identify the 18 descriptive words used in place of 'said'