PreK Color Groups

  • Intro

  • Read: How I Became a Pirate E LON

  • Check out

  • Watch: Dinosailors on TumbleBooks


Colors: Auguste * Evans * Gustine * Rodriguez

  • Alphabet City 307.7 JOH by Stephen T. Johnson.

  • A wordless book of pictures demonstrating letters of the alphabet as seen around the city.

  • Talk about how some books don't have authors - there is no text!

  • Use ppt projector and file to show the scanned images of the book and the overlay of each letter. On the page after the front of the book, ask the kids if they want to see the book in alphabetical order or scrambled (they usually want scrambled)

  • Check-out - let students move ANYWHERE in the Picture Book section they want!


Colors: Dombroski * Graves * Hilbrands * Madison * Morrissey

  • Read: Our Children Can Soar 323.0 COO and advance the timeline with the reading of the text.

  • Notice the similarities in the timeline and last week's number line about the 100th day of cool!

  • demonstrate e-books on FollettShelf on George Washington Carver


Colors: Jones * Larkin * Toering * James

    • Starting African American History month

    • You can be ANYTHING you want to be!!

    • Show the book Amazing Grace

    • She is told she can't be Peter Pan because she is black!

    • Ask kids how that would make them feel if they were told they couldn't do something because of the color of their skin. Or their eyes. Or how tall they are.

    • Go to BookFlix (or click here) to get to the online story of Amazing Grace to see how Grace handles the situation

    • This is a Reading Counts book! L: 680


Colors: Hill * Ivey * Kahley * McCullough

  • Discussion: Origins of Black History Month

  • Exercise: Preview some questions on the history of Black History Month.

  • Ask the students the three questions and tell them to watch for the answers in the video.

  • Watch three minute video through www.historychannel.com and review the answers.

  • Materials Needed: Access to LCD projector.


Colors: Johnson * McLaughlin * Grant * Warren


Colors: Brown * Eller * Whitson