• Read: Froggy goes to School.

  • Check-out

  • Watch: Boomer goes to school (TumbleBooks


  • Continuation of being tricky from last week's Tops and Bottoms

  • Read My Lucky Day

  • How does the pig trick the fox? Was it an accident that he ended up at Fox's house?


  • Read: TumbleBooks A camping spree with Mr. McGee by Chris Van Dusen

  • Exercise: Work through 'games' and quiz section as a class.

  • Materials Needed: LCD projector, MOBI, access to Tumblebooks


  • Finding Cronin books in DestinyQuest and accessing them through BookFlix


  • Frederick Douglass - introduction with images - ppt file in Lessons/3rd Grade


  • Voyage of Columbus

  • Not the biographical information.

  • Discuss and show Columbus.ppt from 4th grade folder the specifications of the explorer's ships as well as life on board and food eaten.

  • Demonstrate the length of the ship.


  • Booktalk on several Margaret Peterson Haddix (2010 Georgia Book Award Nominee) titles including the 'Among the' Series, Found, House on the Gulf, Just Ella, and House of Mirrors.

  • Access to PPT file: z:\lessons\5th grade\haddix.ppt and document z:\lessons\5th grade\haddix.doc

  • Scholastic Video on Margaret Peterson Haddix My Videos/Scholastic DVD/2009 spring

  • LCD Projecto


Friday - Guest Author Holly Moulder for 4th and 5th grades.