Monday - Columbus Holiday

Tuesday - Staff Development Day

Friday - out. Check-out for 3rd and 4th


  • Who Stole the Cookies from the Cookie jar?

  • View YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58H4DjfTNK0 and downloaded on desktop

  • Check-out books

  • TumbleBooks: Something Good


Trick or Treat, Little Critter E MAY

  • PK Lessons, Trick or Treat gSlide

  • Read the linked page, and click the space bar on the map with each country/language called out.

  • Read Trick or Treat, Little Critter from the text while displaying the images on the big screen.


  • Now & Ben - a study of Ben Franklin's inventions.

  • Ask students if they can identify any of Franklin's inventions.

  • Show the book from our library.

  • Run the video (download from gDrive > Lessons > 1st Grade > inventors now and ben.wmv


Moon Phases

  • DestinyQuest

    • print books

    • e-books (infinite)

    • websites

  • TumbleBooks

    • video clips

  • TrueFlix

    • the Moon


  • TumbleBooks - using Lexile to find something

  • Access Tumblebooks - narrow search by Lexile 500-599

  • Look for When Turtle Grew Feathers

  • Using SRS responsders - try TumbleBook Quiz


  • New oges.org homepage

  • Finding more about the icons

  • e-book document

  • Playaway two week limit

  • Holds

  • Checking out - focus


    • Read: The Scarecrow's Dance

    • Discussion: Sometimes, we wish for something only to realize we are destined for something else.

    • Materials Needed: LCD Projector -

    • gSlides