Upcoming Litters


Puppy application and placement process--for details visit the Puppy Process page.

Think you want a working/field line Golden? Read this!

For those looking for a quieter companion puppy, friends who we co-breed with work to produce smart, calm puppies. Please contact Joanne at Blastem for reservations: blastemkennels@gmail.com

Another companion breeder we can recommend is Cheer Goldens in Windsor

You can also check out the breeders list of the GRCGT--I recommend checking out each breeder's website to see what their breeding plans are and if their dogs would be a good fit for your lifestyle.

Please be aware that our breeding program is devoted to producing good working gundogs. As a result, we breed from dogs who have higher working drive and need outlets for both their intelligence and energy. This means we prefer to place our puppies in homes who will be active in hunting, fieldwork training, formal obedience etc. We may have some puppies who will be suitable as quieter family companions, but that is not the primary aim of our breedings.

As our good friend Anney Doucette says about preserving working ability in this breed: "Prove it or lose it."

With that in mind we breed to dogs with proven working ability, and want our pups in home where they will get to work.

Sterre puppies are priced based on the accomplishments of the parents and performance potential of the puppies. Please note that completing our questionnaire for a litter does not automatically place you on our waiting list--it is a preliminary screening process and information we use in deciding placements if you qualify for one of our puppies. Once pregnancy is confirmed, we contact respondents to come for an in-person interview as a final step before approval.

Our puppies are raised in an enriched environment using methods gleaned from Avidog protocols. As young pups, we do Early Neurological Stimulation and Early Scent Introduction. Pups are also introduced to a variety of birds. Our extensive APET temperament testing is done at 8 weeks and used to assess drives and aptitudes, and to develop an individual training plan for each puppy in order to optimize its development in its new home. Puppies are placed on the basis of this testing, on a best fit basis, not a first deposit-first pick system as many breeders did in the past. Our goal is to match the puppy that is the pick for each family's experience and goals.

For more about Avidog read here.