Field and Obedience Training Services

I offer group training on Saturdays through the winter and by arrangement the rest of the year.  We generally meet at 1:00 for marks.  Students wanting to work on force fetch or collar conditioning first come for 12:30, and dogs doing advanced drills (pattern blinds etc) stay after marks to work on that.  Marks will generally run from approximately 1:00-3:00pm.

Location:  1630 1st Concession STR (GPS will generally not come up with the correct location)

Contact info: FB messenger Shelly Blom or  cell 519-589-6680

For dogs needing to work on specific skills development, we will work before and after the marks.

12:30--Basics--Force Fetch and Collar Conditioning

3:00--Advanced Basics--Lining and Casting Drills; Rudimentary Blinds

You will need: weather appropriate clothing; whistle on a lanyard; duck call; 2-way radio; *starter pistol (if you have one)

Your dog will need: e-collar (if you are going to use one); long line and flat buckle collar (for young dogs); chain or pinch collar for obedience work; regular leash; slip lead or collar tab

Interested parties are asked to sign up in the chart on this document: Field Training Schedule

Cost is $20/dog/session.

I recommend this whistle: Mega Clear Competition
Starter pistols: Pro209 (expensive but will last)
                    Hero Outdoors--a variety of .209, .22 and other starter pistols.

Private lessons available by appointment $30/hour
Board and train is also available on a limited basis. Please contact for rates and availability.