Do you have puppies right now?  When are you expecting puppies?  How much are your puppies?
Whether we currently have puppies, or planned litters will be posted on the Upcoming Litters page.  Price is determined based on the parents used in the breeding and will be indicated on the litter information page for each litter. 

Do you have any adults for sale?
I am a small home-based breeder.  I do not keep a large kennel.  As I train my dogs for waterfowl and upland hunting, even dogs who are no longer competing or being used for breeding are still my hunting companions, so I do not generally place "retired" dogs as some larger kennels might.  The only exception to this might be if one of my pups was returned if their family was no longer able to keep them.  In that case, the available dog would be noted on our home page.

Where can I see your dogs working, or meet you?  
Here are some events we are planning on attending: 

What is the process to get a Sterre Golden?
The first step is to carefully read through this website and all about the dogs, as well as my requirements around vaccinations and other health-related matters.  Potential purchasers need to consider whether a working-bred Golden is the right fit for their home and family, and whether they can honour the requirements of my contract.  If my dogs sound like a good match after that preliminary research, the next step is to complete the questionnaire once litter plan information is posted--either using the online form, or by downloading it and emailing it to me.  Once I have had a chance to review it, I will then contact you to set up a visit/interview.  I do not post the questionnaire for a breeding until both sire and dam have been confirmed.  This way you are applying for a specific combination that fits your requirements.

What do you mean when you say you breed "working dogs"?
My goal is to produce handsome, versatile, intelligent, birdy, and driven Golden Retrievers who can be good, active companions.  Because I am selecting for the drive and trainability needed to be a good hunting dog, my Goldens tend to be more active, or what some might deem "busy".  My dogs thrive on having a job to do, and are best suited to a home where they will get lots of training and work to provide mental and physical stimulation.  They enjoy hunting/hunt tests/field trials and the training needed for that, as well as obedience and other active sports.  They tend to get rather bored and can be destructive if asked to be "coach potatoes" for too long.  With appropriate outlets for their energy, and training to focus their minds, they do have an off switch when at home, but only with that combination of mental and physical activity.  

Why do you have such an extensive questionnaire?  Do I have to fill it out?  Can't I just come for a visit?
The questionnaire is not just a way of collecting your personal information.  It is full of vital insights which help me to determine if one of my pups is likely to be a good fit for your goals, experience, family and living circumstances.  There is little point in coming out for a visit if my dogs are not going to be a good match for you.
Also, I am a home-based breeder, not a store.  I really do need information about you before I can be comfortable inviting you into my home!  I also use the contact information to complete registration documents, and set you up for food sample programs from my food suppliers.   It is also used to have a variety of emergency contact points should your puppy ever become lost and I am contacted by the CKC through the microchip information.

Why can't I pick my puppy from the litter?
As the breeder I have had 8 weeks to observe the personalities and interactions within a litter.  Visitors on a puppy visit get only a tiny snapshot of the puppies.  It may well be that during the visit, the pup who is normally the pushiest and most active has just fallen asleep after a big play session, and therefore "snapshot" impressions can be misleading.  I use my observations, plus the results of extensive puppy testing, and assessment of purchaser questionnaires to determine which pup is the best fit for each individual household.

Why won't you place based on coat colour?
My breedings are carefully planned to enhance working ability, and the conformation of my dogs.  Within the wide range of colour allowable in this breed, my dogs tend to fall between the acceptable extremes, but colour really plays no role in determining the temperament or working drive of an individual dog.  Those traits are far more vital in making a lasting match in terms of a good new training, trialing, or hunting partner, and thus temperament and drive are what I use in making placement decisions. 

Why won't you ship puppies?
I want to meet the new families of every single one of my puppies.  Therefore I require that all puppies be picked up in person.  And frankly, I prefer to have at least one in person meeting with the whole family before going-home day.  For people who live a great distance away, I am willing to do the initial interview via Skype video-conference, but in-person pickup is still required.