"All-In" Litter Fall 2018

***Puppies were born Nov 29, 2018: three girls and one boy.***

This litter is fully reserved. We may be repeating it in 2019 if there is sufficient interest.

Tana has spent the summer of 2018 running MH tests and Qualifying field trials, and has been bred to Ollie on Sept 27th. Should be breeding be successful, pups will be due around Nov. 29th.

This litter will have excellent hunting potential. Pups should be fast and tenacious, with good noses and easy-care functional working coats. Both dogs are also very loving and excellent house dogs.

Pedigree and clearances: http://www.k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=881614 I have hard copies of eye and heart examination reports for both dogs.

Ollie hunts hard every year, picking up hundreds and hundreds of birds as primary retriever for his owner's hunting group. His sire Woody has Open All-Age points in AKC field trials, and his dam line is full of wonderful, good-working old field lines with lots of longevity. He is tenacious and hard driving.

Tana is the daughter of my wonderful Bonnie, who is a GMH, NMH, and has her QFTR title, earned with a 1st, two 3rds and a 4th place as well as a CM in a Qualifying stake in field trials. Her sire Diego, is an AKC MH, UKC HRCH and waterfowling companion in the salt marshes of Massachusetts.

Tana is a young dog and had her first full hunting season in 2017. She is quiet and patient in the blind. She recovered birds from deep in the tules in the Long Point marsh, and proved her excellent nose flushing many pheasants while hunting upland. She finished her JH and SH in the summer of 2017, running through both levels in straight passes, finishing both titles by 19 months old. In the summer of 2018 she started running Master Hunter, earning her first pass at the end of May at the Labrador Owners Club tests, and finishing her title at the Montreal Retriever Club on August 5th. A week later she ran her first Qualifying field trial at CCRQ and earned a 2nd place for 3 points towards her QFTR title. She earned a CM at the Ottawa Retriever Club on August 25th.

These pups should be serious hunting machines. They will need focused, consistent , balanced training, and outlets for their intelligence and energy. They will not be couch potatoes.

We welcome applications from experienced people seeking a hunting or hunt test, obedience, or agility prospect, or other very active outdoorsy homes. If you are simply seeking a companion animal, we recommend that you explore litters other members of the GRCGT may have planned.

Puppies will be $1900 including taxes.



The theme for this litter will be "ALL IN". Registered names must include the word "ALL" as well as the Sterre prefix. Many people then generate a call name inspired by the registered name. Character limit is 30 letters, including spaces.

For example, Tana is Sterre Spirit of the West, and her call name is an abbreviation of Montana, a western state.

Some examples in the ALL theme (call name ideas in quotations):

Sterre All Aboard "Train"

Sterre Free For All "Free"

Sterre Jack of All Trades "Jack" "Trader"

Sterre Tell All "Gossip"

Sterre She's All That "Laney" ** reserved

Sterre All Terrain ** reserved

Sterre All For One "Uno" "Dart"

Sterre Against All Odds "Phil"

Sterre All For It

Sterre He's All Talk

Sterre All the Rage

Sterre Be All and End All

Sterre All Is Said and Done

Sterre By All Means

Sterre Once and For All "Finale"

Sterre All Purpose

Sterre One Size Fits All

Sterre All or Nothing

(Names with a ** have been reserved)