Major Achievements

This was a mixed year for us with both highs and lows. 

At the end of May our young girl Tana got her first Master pass at the LOC HT, and her WCX at MVRTC.  Youngsters Portia and DeeDee both got Junior Passes, and Portia earned her WC.  The next weekend, her mom Bonnie and I finished our first field trial together, earning a CM at Long Point. Then at Horseshoe, DeeDee completed her JH.  Portia would complete her JH at the GRCGT tests in September.  

At MVRTC, Tana got her second MH pass, qualifying after a very challenging water series that proved too much for several dogs.  Tana got her third MH pass at Long Point at the end of July, and then completed her title at Montreal with back to back passes.  She is now Sterre Spirit of the West MH WCX 

In the week that followed tragedy struck, and our dearest Wings collapsed and passed unexpectedly while we were visiting friends in the Eastern Townships. Our sadness was lifted at the CCRQ field trial, where Bonnie took 1st, Tana took 2nd, and Bonnie's brother Baron took 3rd in Qualifying. This made both girls *** or Qualified All Age in Canada.

At the Ottawa RC, Both girls finished once again, with Bonnie earning 4th and Tana a CM. That weekend Baron also passed his second consecutive National Master out in Nova Scotia.  

In October, Tana turned three, and that weekend, her mom Bonnie finished the Qualifying at MVRTC taking 3rd place to earn the last two points for her QFTR title.  She is now GMH NMH Sterre Texas Bluebonnet QFTR WCX CGN

I lost my dad at the end of October, and the day we planned the funeral service, Tana was confirmed in whelp. She had four healthy strong puppies on Nov. 29th. 

This was a good year for Sterre.
Butch became a Grand Champion. He is now GCH Sterre Badlands Outlaw CDX JH WCI

Bonnie finished her Grand Master Hunter, qualified at the CNMRC to earn her National Master Hunter, and took a 3rd place in a Qualifying field trial to become ** as well.  She is now NMH GMH Sterre Texas Bluebonnet WCX CGN **

Baron also qualified at the CNMRC to earn his National title. He also finished a large qualifying FT at the GRCA NAtional and earned a JAM. He is now NMH GMH MOTCH CH Sterre Texas Tycoon at Lynwood WCX**/Am MH **

Tana got her JH and SH and passed all of her breeding clearances.  She is Sterre Spirit of the West SH WCI

Bonnie completed her MH at the Long Point Retriever Club hunt test in July, and qualified to run in the Canadian National Master Hunt test in August, held at Ancaster ON.  The newly minted MH ran all five series, going out on the final water mark.  She was one of 19 dogs out of 46 starters who made it to the final series, and while she did not get that NMH title, we are still proud of the work she did.  Bonnie is Sterre Texas Bluebonnet MH WCX CGN/Am. CCA
Picture Courtesy Pat van Bregt, B-Line Photography

Baron earned his CKC show Championship at the Windsor ON shows in March.  He also earned two High in Trials that same weekend!  In April he completed his MOTCH. Baron earned his AKC MH title in July. And then in August he earned his third JAM in a Qualifying field trial.  Co-owner Susan Roberts and I are very, very proud of this boy.  Baron is officially Can. GMH MOTCH CH Sterre Texas Tycoon at Lynwood Can. WCX**/Am MH CCA

Bonnie earned her SH at the Chesapeake Bay Retriever Club of Canada tests in July and the next day earned her first MH pass.
Baron earned his GMH at the Chesapeake Bay Retriever Club of Canada tests.
In September, Bonnie earned her first AKC MH pass at the GRCA National Specialty held in Ohio.