Puppy Information

Please check the Upcoming Litters page for details on upcoming litters--parents will be posted when finalized.

If interested in one of our puppies, please read the Puppy Procedure below , fill in the linked puppy questionnaire form for the litter in which you are interested (it will be linked with the litter announcement on the Upcoming Litters Page. If you do not hear back from me after sending the questionnaire please give me a phone call as your email may have been lost in cyber-space.) You may also wish to view our Companion Puppy Contract.

It is our goal to support our puppy people in raising a well-loved new family member. Please see the following linked pages for the type of support material that accompanies a Sterre puppy. Our puppies are raised "underfoot" in the house and are extremely well-socialized as a result. Read here( Bargain Puppy ) for the difference between a well-bred puppy and a "bargain" puppy. Please note that all puppies are sold on CKC Non-Breeding registration, and must be picked up in person. We do not ship puppies. Here is another excellent article on the realities of living with a puppy from McCann Dog Trainers.

Sterre Goldens breeds primarily with the goal of producing functional, healthy, structurally sound WORKING Golden Retrievers. We strongly believe in keeping the “retrieve” in retriever. As such, our puppies tend to be active and intelligent and we aim to place them in homes where they will get appropriate outlets for that energy, which includes homes active in waterfowl/upland hunting, retriever hunt tests, competitive obedience and agility, etc. We match pups to their homes based on a “best fit” system, which considers the pup’s temperament and aptitudes as revealed through our 8 weeks of observation, plus temperament testing, and the information you provide to us on this questionnaire and in our meetings/discussions with you if you meet our screening process.

Essentially, everyone who takes a puppy home, gets the pup that is the “pick puppy” for their lifestyle and circumstances. The caveat is that there is not a guarantee that there will be a “right pup” for your family in a particular litter. For example, I will not place a high drive, prey-driven puppy, with a family wanting a quiet companion, regardless of order of inquiry. Your forthrightness in your responses to my questions is vital for this process to work. Puppy testing is done at 8 weeks, at which time pups are matched to their families and can begin going to their new families.

We DO NOT place pups based on colour, nor do purchasers select their own puppy. We do not breed for an easy-going, laid-back "pet" temperament, nor do we breed to produce service dogs. If any of these aspects are going to be an issue for you, then I would suggest checking out other breeders.

All of my puppies are CKC registered and are sold on a CKC non-breedng agreement (performance prospects going to the USA may be sold on a co-ownership for the purposes of full registration to facilitate AKC registration). Prior to going to their new homes, all puppies are thoroughly examined by my veterinarians. Puppies go home with their first set of vaccinations, and where possible, nomographs are used to appropriately time vaccines to prevent over-vaccination. The puppies are micro-chipped to meet CKC identification requirements and have been dewormed.

I guarantee my puppies for 2 years against crippling hereditary defects that will impair the dog’s ability to function as a companion and pet before the age of 26 months. These defects are: hip dysplasia, cataracts, and SAS. I will accept the return of the pup in the condition it was originally sold or return your purchase price or replace the pup with another dog at our time and option upon confirmation of spay by OSS procedure or neuter by vasectomy. I require that written proof from a veterinarian of such a defect be presented. All reports of hereditary defects are subject to verification by my veterinarian or the specialist of my choice.

Your puppy will go home with a puppy package that includes copies of all the parent's clearances (hips, elbows, eyes & heart, and relevant DNA results), your puppy's pedigree, a small bag of food, toy they shared in the litter and care instructions. Your puppy's CKC Registration will follow in the mail once it has been processed by the CKC.

If you're interested in purchasing a working Golden puppy from Sterre, please read the following which outlines my policies on puppy placement, and my reservation procedures, and then complete the questionnaire for the litter in which you are interested.

    1. Once you have been approved to purchase one of my puppies, your name will be added to the upcoming litter. Once pregnancy has been confirmed, we will be in contact with you to let you know.

    2. When the litter has arrived, I will contact you to let you know. If you were placed on the waiting list, I will notify you and let you know whether or not there is a puppy available to you. If there is a puppy available, I will then require a deposit of 1/4 of the purchase price in order to reserve a puppy for you. If there are no puppies available or that match you, you will be given the option of being put on a waiting list for the next available litter.

    3. Sex preference will be given as possible. If your preferred sex is not available you will have the option of a pup of the other sex. I may also advise you that the pup that is the best match for you is not of your preferred sex. Aside from gender preference, puppies will be matched to their new families by me according to their distinct temperaments and personalities to ensure that they are placed in ideal homes. This is done in conjunction with temperament testing at 8 weeks and my extensive questionnaire. Owners do not pick their puppies, and colour is NOT a consideration in placements.

    4. When the puppies are 4-5 weeks old, you are welcome to come and visit. You may make a second visit around 7 weeks. Puppy visit days will be set up with specified visiting hours. During your visit, I will be giving you a list of suggested and required items for your new puppy. This way you're sure to be prepared for the new addition to your family. There will be scheduled litter visit days to accommodate this.

    5. Once the puppies are approaching 9 weeks old, they will be ready to go to their new homes.

Your puppy comes with life-time breeder support so please keep in touch with me on a regular basis. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. I encourage everyone to share their photos in our Facebook group and love to receive regular e-mail/Facebook updates on their puppy’s progress.

Health and Vaccinations

Vaccination and Immunization Notes:

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Our next litters are planned for 2023. The first will be a working breeding, so active obedience, agility, hunt test and hunting homes will be sought. Details and the litter application questionnaires will be posted on the "Upcoming Litters" page as plans are finalized.

Please understand that the questions on the form are being asked of you so that the right placement of each puppy is made by bringing the various requirements of both the puppy and his or new owner(s) into perspective, BEFORE a choice is made, with the goal of making permanent happy connections. I hope you will agree that the animal's welfare must be my foremost consideration in considering a placement. If you have difficulty filling in the form, email me at sterregoldens@icloud.com to get a copy of the file in Word. Please answer the questions as completely as you can. If answering online via the Google Form linked on the upcoming litter information page, the completed form will be sent to me automatically. Don't worry if you don't hear back from me right away. My life is busy with these dogs!