Goddess Ripples

a labyrinth in white field paint on green grass in a circle of trees
...at the 2017 FGC Gathering, where the Gathering theme was "Ripples Start Where Spirit Moves."  This was in some ways a collection of other workshops, gathered together into a unified whole for one group over the course of five half days. 

Workshop Number: 13
Leaders: Staṡa Morgan-Appel
Who may register?: Open to all adults and high school
Worship/Worship-Sharing: 33%
Lecture: 1%
Discussion: 33%
Experiential Activities: 33%
only full time attenders (participants should attend all week)

Short Description

What ripples come from the movement of the Goddess -- the Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit -- in our lives as Friends?  In a fun, relaxed week, we'll sample several participatory experiences out of many, many possible Goddess and Nature ripples. 
[Feminist space. All welcome, especially LGBT; non-binary; women.]

Workshop Description

If "Ripples start where spirit moves," what ripples come from the movement of the Goddess -- the Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit -- in our lives as Friends?  During a fun and relaxed week together, we'll sample several participatory experiences of the many possible ripples Goddess- and Nature-focused Friends might experience in our lives. 

This workshop is feminist space, with an especial welcome for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and non-binary people, and straight women.  It is open to people of all genders and sexual orientations.  

Daily schedule:

  • Opening worship
  • Check-ins
  • Today's topic
  • Break
  • Today's topic continued
  • Closing worship

Monday: Theaological diversity among Friends

We'll use queries and either the Claremont dialog, or worship-sharing, to explore our experiences, thoughts, and feelings around theaological diversity among Friends. What has our experience been?  How does this shape us?  In what ways are we open?  In what ways are we defensive or scared? 

Tuesday: Labyrinth

We'll explore labyrinth-drawing, and then outdoor labyrinth-building and labyrinth-walking (or -rolling) as spiritual practices.  Together we'll build a temporary labyrinth on campus, then spend some time journeying in it, perhaps guided by queries or images.  How will we be changed by our journeys?  What will we find? 

Wednesday:  Handwork as worship, ministry, and magic

How is creating something with our hands and craft materials worship?  How is it magic (creating change in accordance with will)?  How is it ministry (answering inner prompts of the Spirit)?  I'll have labyrinth-drawing materials available for Friends who want to explore that, or who do not have an established handwork practice.  Friends with an established handwork practice are invited to bring that with them -- coloring, crocheting, knitting, beadwork, basket-making, lace tatting, embroidery, anything.  Together we'll explore the worship, ministry, and magic of "busy hands."

Thursday: Singing the Goddess

Everyone has a voice, even people who think they "can't sing."  We'll learn some simple songs and chants focused on Earth-based spirituality, and spend time with our bodies and breath, singing together. 

Friday: Flexible day

We'll decide together if we want to devise an activity together, to spend time with one of the earlier topics in more depth, or to work with dying and death from a Goddess- and Nature-focused perspective. 

Leader Experience

I have been facilitating interactive learning experiences since 1984, ranging from technology to dance to life-saving skills to spirituality to singing. I have been facilitating feminist spirituality workshops and events since 1991, and have led interest groups, workshops,  and other participatory events at Gathering since 2001.

I have been facilitating workshops at FGC Gathering roughly every other year since 2007.  My workshops have focused on the lived experience of theaological minority Friends, especially Pagan/Nature-centered Friends and Goddess-centered Friends.  Some of my workshops have had a more serious focus, and some have been more light-hearted, but they have always been about building community among and creating safe space for minority Friends, while sharing Quaker worship.

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