Roses, Too! Tradition

...of eclectic Feminist Witchcraft

About Roses, Too!

Who We Are

Roses, Too! is a tradition of eclectic Feminist Witchcraft, founded in 1993 in the Delaware Valley (Philadelphia, PA area). 

We hold Sabbat potlucks and semi-open ritual, usually on the Saturday (or Sunday) closest to the holiday.  Our spiritual backgrounds are diverse: Quaker, Pagan, Jewish, Episcopalian, Congregationalist, Catholic, Atheist, and more. As Witches, some of the values we share are:
  • Respect and love for the Earth, for all living things, as the embodiment of That-Which-Is-Sacred -– as the Goddess.
  • The courage and honesty to do hard spiritual and emotional work.  
  • The compassion to support and bear witness to each other's work.
  • A commitment to justice and to non-violent political activism.
  • An understanding of magic as a way to create personal, political, and cultural change.
  • The recognition of the importance of play, silliness, and fun in what we do.

About Our Potlucks

The Roses, Too! potluck community is an interfaith one, which includes women, men, children, cats, houseplants, and composting worms of a number of different spiritual paths. Collectively, we are passionate about books, cats, environmentalism, feminism, good food, nature, self-reflection, singing, social justice, and the healing power of community. 

You are welcome to bring food, toys, and music to share, but please come even if you can only bring your sweet self.

Our potlucks serve a variety of purposes.  Among them are honoring the changing seasons, the sacred act of sharing food, time spent with friends, and the chance to meet new people. The Roses, Too! potluck community is an interfaith one, and not everyone who comes to potlucks has done ritual with us or wants to. We have shared values because of, not despite, our diversity.

Important Notes:

  • Our events are fragrance-free.  To help prevent neurological and breathing difficulties, please do not wear any perfumes or essential oils, or any products containing fragrance.  (Look for "fragrance-free," rather than "unscented," on the label; unscented products often contain masking fragrances.) 
  • To prevent migraines and anaphylactic shock, we need to know if the food you bring contains nuts or legumes such as lentils and peanuts.
  • For the sake of those of us in recovery, please do not bring, or cook with, alcohol or recreational drugs.
  •  We are a mix of omnivores and veggivores and fishetarians.
  • Most of the Roses, Too! host households are inhabited by both humans and pets.  If you are allergic, you will want to bring your own antihistamines!   =^..^=
  • Mobility accessibility varies in different host households.  We try to post relevant information, but please don't hesitate to ask. 
  • Most Roses, Too! host households are accessible by public transit, but we do sometimes go to more remote locations.  We will post relevant information. 

About Our Rituals

We generally ask people who are interested in doing ritual with us to attend at least one separate Sabbat potluck first.  

We do have occasional exceptions to this rule, including our Beltane "the more, the merrier" Maypole ritual.  

Most Roses, Too! rituals tend to be intimate, personal, and small (5 to 8 people). We work to make room for every participant's unique voice to be heard. When everyone present is known (or at least vouched for), we feel safer to make and take the dare at the heart of each ritual.

If you've never been to a Roses, Too! event but would like to come to one of our rituals, and you've been in circle or worship with Stasa or Janet elsewhere, check with her; depending on the particular event, that might work.

About Our Name

"The worker must have bread, but she must have roses, too." 

Rose Schneidermann, social worker and trade unionist; from a 1912 women's suffrage and labor campaign flyer.

“Yes, it is bread we fight for, but we fight for roses, too!” 

from the poem and song “Bread and Roses,” James Oppenheim, Carolyn Kohlsaat, Mimi Fariña

Roses, Too! Structure

This section under construction.

Roses, Too! Herstory

Under construction.  How we came about and how we became who we are now. 

Mailing List

If you would like to receive emails about upcoming Roses, Too! Tradition events, please email me, and I will be happy to add you to the email list.  


See the Events & Schedule page on this website. 

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