Update 5/28/18

Post date: May 31, 2018 2:50:37 AM

Good Afternoon!

We had an excellent first week with our Springers and we're looking forward to a fantastic remainder of the season. 

A few updates and reminders for this week:

- Remember: No practice tonight due to the Memorial Day holiday.


-I sent an email last week about not using the bus lane to drop off or to pick up your athletes for practice. Multiple parents are still using the bus lane so I'm asking again that you please DO NOT USE THE BUS LANE for any reason. You may think that there aren't any busses coming through, but there are events happening before, during and after practice and we cannot use this lane ever. Even when school is out for the summer, we still cannot use the bus lane because different clubs and programs run out of the high school and need this area to be clear. If we continue to have issues with this, it could lead to us losing our track rental. 

-Uniforms, t-shirts and track bags will be distributed this Thursday, May 31 at the end of practice! Yippee!

-To sign up for any of the Denver meets (NOT REQUIRED), your child must first obtain a USATF number (see directions below), and then sign up through the "Meets" tab on our website (www.glenwoodspringers.club). This process can take several days so I recommend starting the process sooner rather than later. After you are on the "Meets" page, you will see the list of USATF Colorado Youth Track Meets with live links for registering. Click the link, and it will guide you through the process. Jenny Cutright did an excellent job creating this easy-to-use registration process so a big shout-out to her!

- USATF membership directions:



A USATF Membership is not required unless you are attending USATF sanctioned meets, but it is highly recommend for all athletes.  

We are a USATF certified track program.

Memberships can be obtained online at www.usatf.org.

Click on “Become a Member” in the top right corner. You can use this link to join or renew your membership.

The Glenwood Springers’ Club number is 32-0103

After completing your registration, you will prompted to verify your child's age by emailing a copy of your birth certificate to: Lindsey Koch at membership@colorado.usatf.org


From USATF Youth Colorado:

Important youth membership Information:   Athletes, Coaches and Parents -- remember that athletes cannot register or compete unless their birth date has been verified by USATF Colorado.  You must email a photocopy (scanned or picture from camera/phone) of their birth certificate, passport, drivers license or other legal document clearly showing Date of Birth.  E-mail to Lindsey Koch at membership@colorado.usatf.org

If you have a current 2018 USATF number and have had your birth date verified, you do not need to send in your birth date information. You may log into your USATF profile to confirm your birthday has been verified at https://www.usatf.org/members-only/index.asp     

Please don't hesitate to email with questions.

Thank you!

Coach Abbey